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I started my working life as a toolroom machine shop apprentice at GKN Sankey in Telford...not a lot there to spark my love for aircooled Vw's but I did have to pass a classic Vw garage on the way every day. It was kind of 'spit and sawdust' but they always seemed to have cool 80's looking Baja bugs in the yard and I'd always have a peek.
After my apprenticeship I moved into quality inspection and Cmm measurement then took a job in Bentley Motors Metrology Dept where i used a wide range of contact, lazer and fine measurement equipment. After a brief spell at Hexagon Metrology, I decided to take the plunge and become the Mooney half of Navajo & Mooney Garage and workshop, a general/classic Aircooled Vw garage.
So where did the love of Aircooled Vw's start?..not sure, but i was buying Volksworld for many years before I finally bought a clapped out 1303s in my mid 20's. A few visit's to Santapod and Shakespeare Co raceway later I was desperate to put a stroker motor in the bug. I decided on a crate 2007cc which promptly needed a rebuild because of metal shavings in the oil, it was a task that initially filled me with fear but I quickly realised I loved the process and it called on all the skills I had learned in my jobs over the years, measurement, machining, inspection and patience!, many engines later, here I am, starting a dedicated Aircooled engine workshop and loving it!

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